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Make in India event by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal on 15 November 2017

The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal (CCCM) held an event on Make in India at the Evo Conference Center on the morning of November 15th. The Deputy High Commissioner (DHC) was invited by the CCCM to give a presentation on Make in India and its investment opportunities. Potential investors from Canada, in particular from the Montreal region, participated in this event. Mr.Chris Lambert, staff of the CCCM, opened the event and introduced the DHC.

The DHC first spoke about the current state of the Indian economy and reforms undertaken thus far. He then introduced the audience to the Make in India programme, talking about its scope and strategy. He also introduced other government programmes such as Digital India, Skill India, and highlighted the achievements of the JAM trinity and the new GST system. He gave examples of the success stories of other countries’ FDI in India. The DHC discussed at length about the areas in which Canadian companies can be involved in Make in India, and emphasized that India is seeking the investments, skills, and technology that Canada can provide in order to boost its manufacturing sector. The DHC’s presentation was followed by a speech by a professor from Sherbrooke University regarding India’s future trading prospects. The final speaker, the COO of H20 Innovations, a Quebec company, spoke about the successes and challenges of opening an office in India for the first time.

A roundtable discussion followed the presentations. There were 4 roundtables, with a speaker presenting a theme on India at each one. The four themes were ‘Law and Taxation’, ‘Agriculture and Livestock’, ‘Cultural Industries’, and ‘Smart Cities’. Participants were given a rapid introduction into how they can invest in each area, and what are the challenges that Canadian companies may face when entering the market.