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International Day of Yoga celebrated with great enthusiasm at Ottawa

1. The International Day of Yoga (IDY) was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the High Commission of India and 17 partner organizations, at Ottawa yesterday.

2. The entire 10,000 Sq. ft., of covered area at 'Centurion Conference & Event Centre' was leased.  Three groups of Yoga Instructors (26 in all), conducted the parallel Yoga sessions, in which over 600 persons participated.In the run-up to the event, 17 Indian organizations including,Indian Tourist office, Patanjali Yoga, Art of Living, community organizations, banks and business chambers, were co-opted.The endeavor was to reach out to a wide cross-section of the people in Ottawa, especially those who had not experienced the benefit of Yoga earlier.  The linked flyer contains all the details (

3. In order to attract serious participants, a C$5/- voluntary contribution was sought, every penny of which is being given for Nepal Earthquake relief.  C$4,026.15 has been generated, which will be handed over to a respectable Indian community organization for being disbursed, in close coordination with the Nepalese Ambassador in Ottawa.  Hewas one of the guests of honour at the IDY event yesterday.

4. The Mayor of Ottawa, Hon'ble Jim Watson, inaugurated the event.  In his address, he commended the vision of Prime Minister Modi, as also complimented the positive role being played by the Indian community.  He particularly praised the initiative to donate the entire proceedings towards Nepal Earthquake relief.

5. In his remarks High Commissioner Vishnu Prakash congratulated the participants for being a part of history.  He underlined the fact that International Day of Yoga was aimed at creating a harmonious and happy society, the core of which comprised of physically and emotionally healthy individuals.  The importance of Yoga had become even greater today, given the daily stress and strains associated with modern lifestyle. 
6. All participants were gifted especially prepared IDY T-shirts and a DVD of the common Yoga protocol, as also treated to complimentary packed vegetarian lunch.

7. The Mission and partner organizations worked as a team to take forward this welcome and pleasant initiative of the Prime Minister and the nation.  The enthusiastic response of each and every participant was overwhelming.

22 June 2015

Inauguration of International Yoga Day at Ottawa by Mayor Jim Watson and High Commissioner Vishnu Prakash

A section of participants at the International Yoga Day, organised by the High Commission of India, Ottawa

Enthusiastic participants practising yoga at the celebration of the first International Day of Yoga

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