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Registration of Indian International Students

   Government of India is looking forward to keeping contact with all the Indian Students who are pursuing courses in foreign colleges and Universities. The aim is to not only keep a touch but also to involve the Indian International Students in various activities organised by Indian Missions/Posts in their respective jurisdictions. This move is going to be of particular assistance to an Indian student if in case there is a need of any sort to him/her.  Government of India would be able to reach out to such a student as well as his/her nearest family members without any delay through the coordinates available. 

    To make this objective a reality, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has launched a student registration module on its MADAD portal to build a database of all Indian students studying abroad.  The process of registration is extremely simple and user friendly.  High Commission of India, Ottawa therefore urges all Indian students in Canada to register on the MADAD portal by visiting the weblink The comments provided therein would be a valuable resource for formulation of policies by Government of India.  



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