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Amendment/Modification to the RFP

Reference this Mission’s Request for Proposal (RFP) dated 14.03.2016 in respect of the out sourcing of CPV services in Canada.

Ministry has further intimated that the Bank guarantees stipulated in the RFP may be revised to 60% of the actual amount in view of the implementation of two service provider model in all the IVACs. Hence, the following amendments/modifications have been made in Bank guarantees:


13 a. Actual amount of Bank Guarantee  CAD 2,70,000/- (CAD Two hundred seventy thousand)

Reduced/revised amount of Bank Guarantee CAD 1,62,000/- (CAD One hundred sixty two thousand)

13 b. Actual amount of Performance Bank Guarantee CAD 4,50,000/- (CAD four hundred fifty thousand)

Reduced/revised Performance Bank guarantee CAD 2,70,000/- (CAD two hundred seventy thousand)

13 c.Bank Guarantee for premature termination of Contract, for a sum equal to service fee (as per contract awarded) x 180 days x 835 (number of applications per day,

based on the figures pertaining to the preceding 12 months of the Mission/Post, for the purpose mentioned at Para XV.19.b).

Bank Guarantee for premature termination of Contract will be calculated later on the basis of above mentioned formula, as per the contract awarded.  

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