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clarification of the queries dated 02.05.2015

S. No.




Volume of the applications of Consular / Passport / Visa during the last three years as well as break-up of the same for  each centre  have not  been provided

No such data is maintained by the Mission


What would be the criteria of splitting of volume between L1 & L2 Bidder

Both the Service providers would be operating at all IVACs and the applicants would be free to approach either service provider. The volume of work for each vendor will depend on the quality of service/facilities to be provided by each of the 2 vendors.


What would be the criteria of evaluation of Financial Bid,   whether it will be on weightage average of volume of applications or as per service fee quoted for Consular / Passport / Visa and VAS.

As per RFP.


Can we quote different rates for the services of Consular / Passport and Visa applications

There is only one category of service fees for all applications.


If there is a split of volume between L1 & L2, area should be splited between L1 & L2. This thing was also done by the Embassy of India, Belgium & Abu Dhabi

As answered at S. No. 2


What will be the staff and number of counters, after splitting the volume of applications?

As per Annexure - I of RFP. Please also see clarification dated 30.04.2016 on HCI's website


If the volume is splited,  Bank Guarantee should also be splited between L1 & L2 Bidders, as has been done by the Embassy of India, Belgium & Abu Dhabi.

Not relevant as per answer at S. No. 2. Same Bank guarantee amount would apply to both L1 and L2.


What are the issues facing by the Mission by the present service provider

Some issues are as follows:
i) Inadequate query response;
ii) Long waiting time;
iii) Not providing complete information
about different application processes;
iv) Inadequate trained staff;
v) Frequent change of staff.


Where location of the IVAC / Consulate is not appropriate as per the proximity from the consulate or Mission, what would be criteria?

As per RFP.


Digitization work at Mission: Who will provide the software and hardware?

As per Annexure -A of the RFP.


In view of above clarifications, we request, extension in due date for submission.  


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